Pokemon Go & Titanfall Back To Be “King” in England

Being one of the most anticipated projects since last year, EA and Respawn have indeed managed to build a powerful hype for their latest multiplayer game – Titanfall. How come? Carrying a super-fast battle of infantry with high-tech and mobile weapons along with the destructive giant mecha into one arena, Titanfall sells an almost trouble-free epic multiplayer experience. He even became one of the spearhead Microsoft to popularize the latest console – Xbox One and proved successful. After being drowned after the release of Infamous: Second Son to the market, Titanfall is now successfully re-becoming king in the UK game industry free pokecoins pokemon go .

All thanks to the release in the previous generation console – the Xbox 360 that managed to achieve tremendous success. Having to dwell with the lack of exclusive games released this year, Titanfall seems to be the right thirst quench for the Xbox 360 owners for a game that not only qualified but also interesting at the same time.

No kidding, sales rose 220 percent compared to last week. 71 percent of Pokemon Go total sales were donated from the Xbox 360 version, 27 percent of Xbox One, and only 1 percent of the PC version. This put him up to the top spot in England’s best-selling game, followed by several new titles such as LEGO: The Hobbit. Here are the top 10 best selling UK games this week:

Titanfall itself is planned to be reinforced with a new DLC – Expedition which will launch in May 2014. How about you? How many of you are still faithfully playing Titanfall and not yet bored?

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