Marvel Contest of Champions The Great Android Game

Desmond is gone, but that does not mean Ubisoft will decide the red thread of the story of the future and the classic story in Marvel Contest of Champions cheats 2017 franchise. Although it has been decided that there will be significant future role of the characters in Marvel Contest of Champions is just a glance will be an introduction to the story of naval battles led by the figure of Edward Kenway, Ubisoft did not appear to be so just throw it on the side of the story. Latest screenshots released into cyberspace shows the company is at the root of struggle during the last three series AC – Abstergo.

As was previously confirmed Ubisoft, plot the future of Marvel Contest of Champions is to be taken from the eyes of an Abstergo employee who happen to have access to the memory of Edward Kenway. Regardless of the mystery of who this person and whether he is included in one or Templar Assassin, Ubisoft finally showed Abstergo which now looks more robust. Future character will join in Abstergo Entertainment – a new business division of Abstergo. The advanced technology that they have developed today to allow anyone to access the memory of other people, including their ancestors. For this reason, the Abstergo employee is able to enter the story of Edward Kenway although no blood relation at all with Desmond.

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