GTA V Latest Generation Confirm FPS Mode

Rockstar does not seem to be fooling around, as they claim to be making the GTA V’s latest-generation sales value stay strong, regardless of previous generation versions that have been rolled over a year ago. Trying to resell a game with content that is already widespread with tens of millions of copies already sold is certainly not an easy task. Rockstar must ensure gamers who already have GTA V PS 3 / Xbox 360 remain potential market candidates. Better visualization quality, a denser and more rich world, more music, until the latest side mission becomes an extra selling point. But it turns out Rockstar still have an extra surprise that was never predicted before. GTA V can now be played in FPS format!

Through their latest trailer release, Rockstar ensures that you can now enjoy the latest generation GTA V in full FPS mode. Not only change the camera’s point of view, Rockstar also rebuild some elements to ensure this FPS mode feels the maximum. They rebuild the character’s movements, driving sensations, vehicle dashboards, up to the action shoot elements in them. Rockstar reportedly even injects thousands of new animations, including the reloading style of the weapons that vary. Interesting again? This FPS mode will not only you can enjoy in single player mode, but also GTA Online.

In addition to this FPS mode, Rockstar also ensure there are approximately 20 new species of animals that appear in Los Santos latest generation, including cats and whales! They will also inject more than 100 new songs in it, with some new weapons – including a Rail Gun in it. So, what about the performance of the game itself? GTA V hack 2017 version of Playstation 4 and Xbox One will certainly run at 1080p resolution 30fps, while GTA V PC version will support up to 4K resolution quality.

GTA V version of Playstation 4 and Xbox One itself will be launched on 18 November 2014. While the new GTA V PC will slide on January 27, 2015 to come. Awesome Rockstar !!

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