Flappy Bird Developer Show New Game How about madden mobile?

Since Flappy Bird was withdrawn from the app store, Dong Nguyen as the developer is reportedly preparing another game to replace the flat-faced bird. Recently, Nguyen started showing off screenshots of his latest game.

“I’m making a new game. So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while, “Nguyen wrote on his Twitter account posted with the screenshot of the game in question and about madden mobile.

Through this chirp, quite a lot of other Twitter users who responded positively. Most of them are very curious and guess what kind of recent work from the makers of one of the most phenomenal mobile games of all time.
Flappy new game
Dong Nguyen – the creator of the phenomenal mobile game – how hack madden mobile  shows the first appearance of his latest project, which is still mysterious.

Unfortunately, not much can be known and extracted from the screenshot. The game title, release date, genre, and gameplay are still a mystery. Only visible characters in the form of humans who are landing from the position of jumping or flying.

As is known, Nguyen previously rumored to be re-released Flappy Bird in August complete with multiplayer mode. Is it possible that Nguyen will launch Flappy Bird first and then switch and schedule the appearance of his latest game?

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