E3 2014 Highlight: Microsoft

Entertainment, entertainment and more entertainment, Microsoft seems to understand the blunders they did in the inaugural event of their next-gen console introduction – Xbox One. Instead of talking about games, this one producer even more features other extras, which actually does not significantly affect the needs of gamers gamers. This is further exacerbated by a myriad of unpopular policies, including DRM and their used game distribution mechanisms that continue to provoke strong reactions from gamers. In the event E3 2014, Microsoft is trying to catch up with them from the popularity of Sony is indeed increasingly massive and get Mobile Legends hack .

There is no longer a trivial that just positioned Xbox One as a multimedia center instead of a specific gaming console that gamers anticipated. Microsoft is trying to rebuild the hip for this one console by making their big E3 2013 event one with the main agenda: introducing as many of their flagship games to the market as possible. No chats about Kinect, no confirmation about DRM, and no more “TV and Entertainment” repeatedly spoken. It becomes a full 90 minute full presentation with exclusive games and the introduction of new third party games for the first time.

So from all the things that Microsoft offered in the event E3 2014, what things are managed to attract attention and deserve to be anticipated?

Microsoft seems to understand very well what they need to do to entice gamers to glance at Xbox One. Under the leadership of Phil Spencer, they do not hold back at all and promise this Mobile LegendsĀ  event as a special event for gaming. And they do not lie. Over the 90-minute duration, Microsoft is constantly throwing in more detail about their exclusive pre-introduced games, new exclusive games, and of course – the recent introduction of the third party franchise series that can be spelled out, surprisingly.

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