Call of Duty 2014 & NBA Live Mobile ready to be announced next Sunday!

Call of Duty 2014 finally leaked into the virtual world, through the latest information released by Destructoid gaming site. No kidding, they also show a myriad of latest screenshots and trailers. Taking the setting is much more futuristic than the Call of Duty so far, the latest game Sledgehammer concoction Games will be named Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Kevin Spacey is confirmed to be present as one of the central figures in the story, most likely to be the leader of private military forces that is the focus of the story this time. Through existing gameplay trailers and screenshots, you can see the wide range of cutting-edge technologies on offer, from the presence of exoskeleton armor that allows the main character to make high jumps and crazy maneuvers, stealth, radar, to a wider range of weapons. NBA Live Mobile hack  is scheduled to be released on November 4, 2014.

Between interested or bored, it is not surprising that this emotional dilemma occurs when we talk about the flagship franchise Activision – Call of Duty. How come? After the success of Modern Warfare that is phenomenal, even grows to become the standard for FPS games born afterwards, Call of Duty is directly positioned as an annual franchise. The record continues to be created through fantastic sales figures, prompting Activision to exploit this name even further. No kidding, they now even point to three different developers to ensure this release cycle is maintained. The year 2014 became the proof year of Sledgehammer Games.

After engaging with other NBA Live Mobile developers in the previous series, Sledgehammer was eventually decided to be the third developer of this franchise along with Infinity Ward and Treyach. The year 2014 became the first series of Call of Duty they developed, and Sledgehammer certainly did not want to restrain himself. To ensure that the hype remains strong, this developer had released a first screenshot to show the quality of in-game engines offered. It is also to prove that Call of Duty 2014 will be the real Call of Duty “next-gen”.

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